Invitations and Greeting Cards

The Shell Artistree studio produces a beautiful collection of Invitations and Greeting cards, suitable for all of life's celebrations, including Wedding, New Baby, Birthday, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and Holiday card categories.  All of our designs are available for fine art licensing. If you are a Greeting card/Invitation manufacturer or Sales Rep and feel our Invitation and card lines would add to your existing market base, kindly contact us to discuss available licensing/sales opportunities.    

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All My Love Holiday

Rosh Hashana Holiday

Joy Mitzvah

Peace Mitzvah

Eternity Blue Mtizvah

Our Odyssey Wedding

Fulfillment I Wedding

Meant to Be Violet Wedding

Individuality Baby

Free Spirit Baby

Kindness Baby

Birthday Occasion

Mother's Day Occasion

Valentine's Day Occasion

Thank You Occasion

Thinking of You Occasion

Hanukah Holiday